Lizzy Rex has been in the hospitality business her entire life. In fact, as a child, her family was not allowed to eat until she personally took their order (check out this bossy pants to the left). Lizzy’s standards have always been impeccably high, which many experts believe, is why she married David. Not only did she shape the design of the restaurant, Lizzy understands hospitality at its core and if you had a good time at the Wylder it is probably because of her.  
Head of Design / Epic Mom
Managing Partner / Lizzy’s Bodyguard
David Rex has a long track record of running successful restaurants for other people. How excited was he to come to Boise and open the Rex family’s very own? Don’t ask him this unless you have an hour to kill. He loves to spend time outdoors in his kayak or on his mountain bike during his 40 minutes of free time every week (opening a restaurant is a lot of work). He loves to make people happy, whether it’s his employees or guests of the Wylder. 
Front of House Director / Overalls Enthusiast
We’ve known Jessica and her family for decades—she just gets us and is pretty much part of our family.  Jessica is a loving, kind person with a ferocious drive to make things nice.  Look for her behind the bar or on the floor.  You can recognize her by her giant smile and sweet overalls.